Ricardo Aleman F.A.Q.

Q. Weren't you a lot heavier before?

A. Yup, I lost 70 lbs in 2 years with diet and exercise.

Before - 250 lbs - May2004
Before - 250 lbs - May 2004

After - 180 lbs - March 2006
After - 180 lbs - March 2006

You can read the full story here if you like.

Q. Is "Ricardo Aleman" your real name?

A. Yes

Q. But weren't you "Rick Mann" before?

A. Yes, I was Rick Mann for 5 years.  I was paying tribute to my Dad, Gilbert Aleman, who was a magician and used the Stage Name "Al Mann" to avoid discrimination.

My Dad, Magician Al Mann

Q. So you don't like your Dad anymore or something?

A. I love my Dad. It's just that my jokes about me being Mexican didn't go over as well when I was "Rick Mann".

Q. So you are half Mexican or something?

A. I'm 100% Mexican

Q. Yeah Right! You don't even look mexican.

A. Well thank you, Captain Obvious.  There are plenty of light skin Mexicans out there and I am one of them.

Q. Do you speak Spanish?

A. Unfortunately, I do not. I was raised in a mostly white neighborhood in New Jersey. We spoke English around the house to help my mom learn. I did learn Spanish in High School, but when you are not immersed in a Spanish speaking environment, it's hard to become fluent. I would like to learn.

Q. Then I don't believe you are Mexican.

A. Tough. The fact is I'm Mexican.  Can we move on to something else please.

Q. ok fine... hmmmmmm... so were you always funny growing up?

A. Once a clown...

always a clown...

Q. Ok, so you have documentation that you were funny but no proof that you are Mexican!!! HA!

A. What do you want, a blood test!!! My Mom is from Mexico City and my Dad is from San Antonio Texas, and they are both Mexican. Look, in 1519, light skinned Spaniards invaded what was Mesoamerica. Then they conquered the dark skinned Amerindian civilizations and turned it into Mexico. Anyone who is Mexican is descendant from a combination of light skinned Spaniards and dark skinned Amerindians. Look it up on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

Q. No, I don't believe you're Mexican, if your parents are mexican then I think you were adopted.

A. I'm not adopted

Q. How would you know? Maybe they just haven't told you yet.

A. I look exactly like my sister who is 11 years older than me:

If we were adopted, then I think she would have remembered.

Q. I still don't believe you.